What is a Septic System?

Septic systems are a wastewater treatment system that is installed underground. Septic systems are normally used in more rural areas that are without a local sewer treatment systems. A traditional septic system consists of a septic tank and a filter bed, or tile bed. Once the household wastewater enters the tank, the bacteria then breaks down the organic matter and separates the floatable materials and solids from the wastewater. The outlet of the tank then releases the liquid ( also known as effluent) from the septic's tank into a filter or tile bed.


How a typical septic system works.

Black and grey water go out from your house or cottage into the main pipe, then into a concrete or plastic septic tank. The plastic or concrete septic tank is located underground, the septic tank's job is to hold the black and grey water that comes from your home long enough to allow solid waste to settle down into the bottom of the tank, while the oil and grease from the water float above into a layer of scum. An outlet in the shape of a T prevents the solids from the bottom of the tank and the oil and grease from the top leaving the tank and traveling to the bed area.  The effluent then leaves the tank through the outlet into the bed. Which over time breaks down into groundwater.

Ways to keep your septic healthy:



  • Use water efficiently

  • Don't flush hazardous chemicals or medications. 

  • Plant only grass over and near your septic system. Tree roots can damage pipes in your system.

  • Do not drive or park any vehicles on any part of your septic system to avoid crushing the system

  • Test your well water. 

What is the Waterloo Biofilter?

The Waterloo Biofilter is an absorbent trickling biological filter used to treat sewage and other wastewaters from a variety of sources. The filter medium used in the Waterloo Biofilter has been specially engineered to optimize its physical characteristics so that high concentrations of beneficial microbes can inhabit it without plugging up. These naturally occurring bacteria thrive in the conditions created within the filter media where they degrade, oxidize and consume contaminants found in wastewater.


Residental Waterloo Biofilter Brochure

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